Welcome to CrazyFluffyPony's statistics page!

What is being tracked?

This depends on the settings you have choosen. You can select anything between 0% and 100% tracking. Below is a list of events that could be tracked.

Settings / Popup

If you visit any page that includes the tracking for the first time, you are asked to choose your tracking settings. These settings can only be changed by deleting the browsers data for all pages under the .flaffipony.rocks domain.

Why? Reasons for the tracking

In order to find out which tools and features are used the most and deserve the most time spent for enhancements, i need to track the usage of them.


Only your IP address will be used to indentify you as a single user. No fingerprinting techniques are used. No data will be forwarded to anyone. If i publish results of the data (e.g. total amount of visitors this month) the data is obivously anonymized, personal data like IP addresses will never be published.

Who can see the data?

The only one having access to the data is me.

Which services use the tracking?

Every website under the .flaffipony.rocks domain